Friday, 23 October 2009


For a while my life ambition was to be the keeper of a labyrinth and confuse people. And I'm not talking about walking labyrinths used for meditation. Not even proper mazes that are fantastically designed (such as Tom's Mazes). I'm not even talking about puzzles just put there to infuriate everybody, such as this disastrous idea. I'm talking about a proper labyrinth with trips, traps and treasure.

Here's an old plan for the entrance. You enter a very high courtyard and see a tower in front of you. You climb the stairs and find yourself looking down on the courtyard (the walls of the courtyard are taller than the tower). And that's it. The trick is to realise that the turns in the staircase are actually slightly less than 90 degrees, meaning that, by the time you reach the height of the top of the tower you are slightly twisted, allowing the exit of the stairs to come out in a different, identical courtyard. To get through the entrance, you have to climb down the outside of the tower and leave through what looks like the entrance.

I even went to the trouble of testing whether it was feasible using Unreal Tournament's Editor:

Sometimes I wonder why I didn't put any effort into cool things.

Anyone else want to buy an abandoned mine and build a labyrinth? Preferably someone who has experience in body-swerving health and safety requirements.

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