Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Evolutionary approaches to Bilingualism

I recently gave a talk at the University of Edinburgh LEL Postgraduate Conference. It was my first ever talk and it really forced me to figure out what I'm supposed to be studying! Here's a video of my talk:

Frank MC, Goodman ND, & Tenenbaum JB (2009). Using speakers' referential intentions to model early cross-situational word learning. Psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society / APS, 20 (5), 578-85 PMID: 19389131

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Byers-Heinlein K, & Werker JF (2009). Monolingual, bilingual, trilingual: infants' language experience influences the development of a word-learning heuristic. Developmental science, 12 (5), 815-23 PMID: 19702772


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