Friday, 6 November 2009

Lazy Linking Friday

Time for some lazy linking!

I've been listening to Archers of Loaf recently - especially the incredible ending to their penultimate album, White Trash Heroes. This is likely to be in my collection forever.

I have been utterly captivated by guitarist hironou2525: Videos of beautiful guitar playing together with links to mp3s and very high quality tabs. Obviously someone who knows a thing or two about cultural transmission. They have a blog here, although I couldn't read it. I especially liked I do:

The Speculative Grammarian is a collection of linguistic satire. There is a load of stuff there, but this set of puns caught my eye.

This recent paper by Novembre et al. is interesting - Genetic distance between people is correlated with the geographic distance between them. In fact, a PCA graph draws a pretty good map of Europe. I was especially interested to see the analysis of Swiss genes - they divide on primary language!

While Linguistic Exogamy (marrying someone outside your linguistic group) is common in liguistically diverse areas of the world (Papua New Guinea, Amazon basin) this analysis may suggest it wasn't practised so much in Europe.

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  1. Since Lazy Linking Friday seems to be just a random collection of amusing small unfounded linguistic theories, I feel completely justified in posting my own refutation of Chomsky:

    "In the minds of climate-change campaigners, radical ecological strategies argued for with verve and imagination rest easy at night. They’ve been presented with passion, and that makes all the difference. But the reverse is also true. Colourless green ideas sleep furiously."